Wednesday, July 5, 2017

New poem "You Can't Trust Water" at Uut Poetry

Uut Poetry is a fine fine online poetry journal. It's a Tumblr: Home run #1. It has fantastic art: Home run #2. And last but not least, it has some amazing poetry (see Howie Good's Judenrein for one example): Home run #3. That three homers in one game. That's some Reggie level chops right there.

You can assume I'm saying this only because I have a poem published there today, but you'd be wrong. I've followed Uut for a fairly long time and hadn't written any poetry. Now I'm writing poetry and so I sent Brooks something. He liked it. I'm happy he did. That's the whole story, and who cares anyways? Right.

Here's my poem called "You Can't Trust Water" and I hope it makes you think and makes your brain enjoy words for a short while.

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