Monday, July 10, 2017

Brief Appreciations Coming Soon

I've bought books by two of my friends in the past couple weeks - Gisela: Empress, Abbess, Saint by Marcus Speh and Waiting for an Answer by Heather Sullivan.

I've read most everything I've found by these two and I've always enjoyed it. I have no doubt I will be a fan of these latest works. It's Heather's debut poetry collection (congratulations Heather!) and I'm already halfway through Gisela, so the appreciations will be coming somewhat soon.

Appreciations? Yes, not reviews. Because let's be honest, I'm not going to find much at all in these books that I'm not going to like. Many thanks to Rusty for that term, by the way. It makes all the sense in the world.


  1. Honored! Looking forward to your appreciation. Your distinction to "review" is well taken. Reviewing is risky business. I have had friends give me critical reviews on Amazon in the past (for another book) & it hurt! If a stranger finds something missing or just does not like the book, alright, I'll live. Also, you ARE bigger than I am & you put more time into your blogging - I only toot my own sorry little yellowed horn on my blog & I am humbled how you support other writers, too. Cheers from Berlin, mate!

    1. Those kind words warm the old heart, my friend. And I finished Gisela in one exhilarating rush last night. Once I have Heather's finished, too, I'm going to settle down and jot some thoughts. I'm telling you, Marcus, you really did something special with this book. It's something completely unique. Bravo!


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