Wednesday, April 3, 2024

My short story "I Am War, Mr. Tolstoy" published today

My short story "I Am War, Mr. Tolstoy" was published today on my author's page at Cowboy Jamboree Press. 

I pull from some personal shit on this one more than I usually do with my stories (which is generally a pretty fair amount to begin with). It's subject matter I've not been brave enough to share until the past, maybe, two years. 

Also, I insert some Leo Tolstoy into this one, obvious by the title for starters. Tolstoy is my favorite stylist - not my favorite storyteller - but goddamn his style is impossible. Listen, for real, go read him. Not one of the novels, though Anna Karenina is a fine one if you can push through to the last two pages, where all the patience and pushing through gets a right fine pay off.

But start with the short stories. Start with "Alyosha the Pot" if you're just getting into him. Then move next to his short novel Master and Man. Just read Tolstoy is what I'm saying. He style is simple enough to be read in grade school. Thing is, you may not appreciate its themes and profundity until much later in life. But ain't that at least the start of a great relationship.

Hope you like the story. And I guess it's okay if you want to leave a comment here and tell me it was good or that it was so bad it nearly blinded you with horror while reading. Don't care. Just say something. 

David and Tom, Chaos and Hobart.

Went and got behind on sharing my Hobart Chaos Questions interviews here, so I'm going to post links to the last two here now.

I talked with David Joy a ways back there. He said things like, "I go back to eleven years old fishing the cattle pond on the Johnston’s farm. My Granny can be my Al." And chided me for calling what people wear outfits. 

David's Interview

And just yesterday I posted my interview with Tom Williams. Tom said things like, "I am going to eat the editorial offices of literary magazines and book publishers that have rejected me and my friends..."

Tom's Interview

Next up is Bonnie Jo Campbell. We wrote yesterday and she let me know that she'll have them my way at some point this week. Can't wait to see what this black belt storyteller offers up.

Saturday, March 9, 2024

I Asked Leah Hampton Some Chaos Questions

Leah Hampton, the chimera herself, "sat down" for a Chaos Questions interview with me at Hobart. She is also the self-espoused Hobo Hampton, it turns out.


The reason I've written and had published nine books in twelve years is because I write for recreation, for fun. It's what I do instead of going to the movies or having dinner out, or so forth. I don't mean it's my hobby; I'm saying it's the most fun thing I do, so I do it a lot.

Saturday, February 17, 2024

I talked to Benjamin Drevlow at Hobart

The Drevlow "sat down" for a chaotic interview with me at Hobart

I so dig how Ben can extoll on any subject so colorfully. He's fun just to talk to, let alone interview. Give him room to run and he'll sprint til the cows come home.

I'd love if you'd go read it!

My short story "I Am War, Mr. Tolstoy" published today

My short story " I Am War, Mr. Tolstoy " was published today on my author's page at Cowboy Jamboree Press.  I pull from some p...