Friday, July 7, 2017

FROM THE ARCHIVES: "Four Micros in Second-Person" at Wilderness House Literary Review

This one is from a good ways back. In fact, I forgot until a couple weeks ago that I had ever had anything published at Wilderness House Literary Review, as evidence by the fact that over the past few months I've submitted something to them at least four times with high hopes I might finally get something published there. I'm forgetful, at best. One thing's for certain: It wasn't because I don't admire WHLRevew that I forgot. I admire them at the highest level, and was ecstatic to discover I had placed work with them, no matter how long ago in my career that had happened. I hope you enjoy "Four Micros in Second-Person". It was a piece I wrote while enthralled with both the micro form (still many thanks to Joseph Young for that) and also stories written in second-person (still and still many thanks to Clay McLeod Chapman's amazing book Rest Area).

Read "Four Micros in Second-Person"

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