Friday, November 16, 2012

Morehead State University: Scott McClanahan Answers Questions and Steals Things

Was in Morehead, Kentucky yesterday for a Q&A session with storytelling warrior Scott McClanahan and Tom Williams, the Chair of English at Morehead State University and a word soldier in his own right.

The two spoke in an open forum and Scott took questions from folks in attendance.  It was a cool afternoon.  Before the session, I confessed to Scott I was once an accomplice to a theft from a hotel room in Morehead while doing a reading there in 2004.  He smiled, reached into his bag and brought out a small sign, the kind you see in the bathroom at hotels and such, the one warning guests not to steal from the rooms.

"I stole the sign that told me not to steal anything," he said and laughed.  "I think I'll take it up with me for a prop."


And he did.  And he pointed out to the folks at The Coffee Tree Bookstore he stole it, tying it into an answer he gave about stealing work for writing, stealing for creative reasons, stealing, stealing, stealing.  Picasso had said the same before, but Scott had a prop.  Win.

It was a true pleasure, after exchanging messages and chats for a long while, to finally get the chance to meet Scott, who was every bit as down-to-earth and sincere and honest as I'd come to think he might be through reading his work and corresponding with him up until then.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Some TSTS Reviews, and Rusty Barnes Wants To Give You Free Copies

I'm more than pleased to have two new reviews of my collection, The Same Terrible Storm, floating around this past week.

The first came at Rusty Barnes' Fried Chicken and Coffee.  His review, an appreciation post I'm highly grateful for, also comes with a cool offer.  The first couple cats to email him at the email he gives in the review will receive their own copies of the collection.  Check out what he has to say and comment to get a chance for a free book, that rare diamond in the lit universe.

The second review came from Necessary Fiction, and, thankfully, was another favorable offering on my work.  Like many good reviews, this one revealed things to me about my collection I hadn't really thought of before.  Now that's insight, folks.  Read the review, and anything else you can get your hands on today.

On a sort of related topic, Logan Rogers, the talented feller who worked as the graphic artist on the cover of TSTS, posted a picture of his son, who was the young boy pictured on the cover of the collection, holding a copy of the book.  Very cool.  So very cool.  Here's the little hoss with book in hand:

What a fine fine job, and such an honor to see this young man holding my book.  He looks great sitting there on those tracks.  He couldn't have done a better job.  Thanks and thanks!

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