Reading Log


1. Thunderstruck and Other Stories by Elizabeth McCracken 
2. My Year of Rest and Relaxation by Ottessa Moshfegh
3. Fugue State by Brian Evenson
4. Ablutions by Patrick deWitt
5. Hank by Abraham Smith
6. The Overstory by Richard Powers
7. Waiting Tide by Ryan W. Bradley
8. The People in the Trees by Hanya Yanagihara
9. Samuel Johnson Is Indignant by Lydia Davis
10. The Thing About Great White Sharks by Rebecca Adams Wright
11. Last Days by Brian Evenson
12. Karmic Traces by Eliot Weinberger
13. All the Names They Used for God by Anjali Sachdeva
14. The Paper Menagerie by Ken Liu
15. Asunder by Robert Lopez
16. The Lonesome Bodybuilder by Yukiko Motoya
17. Black Friday by Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah
18. Satantango by László Krasznahorkai
19. Into Captivity They Will Go by Noah Milligan


1. The Bus Driver Who Wanted to be God and Other Stories by Etgar Keret
2. May We Shed These Human Bodies by Amber Sparks
3. Stygiophilia by Nathan Tyree
4. Unpacking the Boxes by Donald Hall
5. McGlue by Ottessa Moshfegh
6. Jesus in the Ghost Room by Rusty Barnes
7. Broke by Rusty Barnes
8. I Am Not Ariel by Rusty Barnes
9. Tales of Falling and Flying by Ben Loory
10. Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man by Bill Clegg
11. Tower of Babylon by Ted Chiang
12. Almost No Memory by Lydia Davis
13. In Persuasion Nation by George Saunders
14. Hitch-22 by Christopher Hitchens
15. I'll Give You Something to Cry About by Corey Mesler
16. Emporium by Adam Johnson
17. Windeye by Brian Evenson
18. The Orphan Master's Son by Adam Johnson
19. Hell Is the Absence of God by Ted Chiang
20. Single-Bit Error by Ken Liu
21. The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate by Ted Chiang
22. Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights by Salman Rushdie
23. Between Here and the Yellow Sea by Nic Pizzolatto
24. A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay
25. Fox 8 by George Saunders
26. Tunneling to the Center of the Earth by Kevin Wilson
27. It Came from the North: An Anthology of Finnish Speculative Fiction edited by Desirina Boskovich 
28. Future Missionaries of American by Matthew Vollmer
29. Where the Trains Turn by Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen
30. Someday This Will Be Funny by Lynne Tillman
31. In the Penal Colony by Franz Kafka
32. Within a Budding Grove: In Search of Lost Time, Volume 2 by Marcel Proust 
33. Double Wide by Leo W. Banks
34. The Castle by Franz Kafka 
35. The Humans by Matt Haig
36. Unruly Creatures by Jennifer Caloyeras 
37. Blood, Bone, and Marrow: A Biography of Harry Crews by Ted Geltner 
38. Aliens of Affection by Padgett Powell
39. The Largesse of the Sea Maiden by Denis Johnson
40. Everything Matters! by Ron Currie Jr.
41. Going for a Beer: Selected Short Fictions by Robert Coover
42. The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit by Michael Finkel
43. Three Moments of an Explosion by China Miéville
44. Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders
45. Name by Joseph Young
46. Ron Carlson Writes a Story by Ron Carlson
47. The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt
48. Redeployment by Phil Klay
49. Tinkers by Paul Harding
50. The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin
51. My Father, the Pornographer by Chris Offutt
52. Shiloh and Other Stories by Bobbie Ann Mason
53. Country Dark by Chris Offutt
54. The Pulse between the Dimensions and the Desert by Rios de la Luz
55. The Refugees by Viet Thanh Nguyen
56. The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood
57. Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace
58. The Stories of Breece D'J Pancake by Breece D'J Pancake 
59. While They Were In the Field by Adam Van Winkle 
60. Nightwolf by Willie Davis
61. Porthos Pizza by Wesley Browne
62. West Virginia by Joe Halstead
63. The Blue Fox by Sjon
64. Many-Stories House by George Ella Lyon
65. Why Poetry by Matthew Zapruder
66. The Hatred of Poetry by Ben Lerner 
67. Scoundrels Among Us by Darrin Doyle
68. An Elemental Thing by Eliot Weinberger
69.The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson
70. South and West: Notebooks by Joan Didion
71. Carry Me Father No More by Lee Klein
72. Jean-Jacques Rousseau Had Madame de Warens by Williem Myra
73. The Ghosts of Birds by Eliot Weinberger
74. On Moral Fiction by John Gardener
75. Dead Mountain: The Untold True Story of the Dyatlov Pass Incident by Donnie Eichar
76. Universal Harvester by John Darnielle
77. Oranges & Peanuts for Sale by Eliot Weinberger
78. H is for Hawk by Helen MacDonald
79. The Explorer & Other Stories by Jyrki Vainonen
80. Fen by Daisy Johnson
81. Bird Box by Josh Malerman


1. Fortune Smiles by Adam Johnson
2. The Last Illusion by Porochista Khakpour
3. Cult of Loretta by Kevin Maloney
4. The Flowers of Evil by Charles Baudelaire
5. Saw Strokes My Father Taught Me by G. Arthur Brown
6. Root and Shoot by Nathan Leslie 
7. United States of Japan by Peter Tieryas 
8. Cartoons in the Suicide Forest by Leza Cantoral
9. Visions by Troy James Weaver
10. Naked Friends by Justin Grimbol
11. Thanks and Sorry and Good Luck: Rejection Letters from the Eyeshot Outbox by Lee Klein
12. Handwriting by Michael Ondaatje
13. Nothing is Strange by Mike Russell 
14. Bluets by Maggie Nelson
15. Poems Descriptive of Rural Life and Scenery by Tim Earley
16. Alien vs. Predator by Michael Robbins
17. On Broad Sound by Rusty Barnes
18. The Second Sex by Michael Robbins 
19. Whim Man Mammom by Abraham Smith
20. EOB: Earth Out of Balance by John Minichillo
21. Paris Blues by Charles Baudelaire 
22. The Devil’s Trill by Ron Houchin 
23. Tinderbox Lawn by Carol Guess
24. Six Memos for the Next Millennium by Italo Calvino
25. Jorges Luis Borges: The Last Interview and Other Conversations by Jorge Luis Borges 
26. Cosmicomics by Italo Calvino 
27. Homesick for Another World: Stories by Ottessa Moshfegh
28. Dreamtigers by Jorge Luis Borges
29. Plainwater: Essays and Poetry by Anne Carson
30. The Book of Sand and Shakespeare’s Memory by Jorge Luis Borges 
31. The Cinammon Peeler by Michael Ondaatje
32. The Lucky Body by Kyle Coma-Thompson
33. Best Experimental Writing 2014 edited by Cole Swenson
34. Eileen by Ottessa Moshfegh
35. North American Lake Monsters by Nathan Ballingrud
36. Bad Faith by Theodore Wheeler
37. Return to the City of White Donkeys by James Tate
38. Abandon the Old in Tokyo by Yoshihiro Tatsumi
39. Darkness Visible by William Styron
40. The Beauty of the Husband by Anne Carson
41. The Woman in the Dunes by Kobo Abe
42. Jagannath by Karin Tidbeck
43. Fat Man and Little Boy by Mike Meginnis
44. Under the Jaguar Sun by Italo Calvino
45. Black Tickets by Jayne Anne Phillips
46. 2666 by Roberto Bolano
47. Gisela by Marcus Speh
48. Waiting for an Answer by Heather Sullivan 
49. Master and Man by Leo Tolstoy
50. Chief Jay Strongbow is Real by Timothy Gager
51. Stories in the Worst Way by Gary Lutz
52. Antwerp by Roberto Bolano
53. Insects are Just Like You and Me Except Some of Them Have Wings by Kuzhali Manickavel
54. Father of Lies by Brian Evenson
55. Best Small Fictions 2017 guest edited by Amy Hempel
56. Michael Kimball Writes Your Life Story on a Postcard by Michael Kimball
57. The Sarah Book by Scott McClanahan
58. Facing the Music by Larry Brown
59. The Spooking of Mavens by Tim Earley
60. This Clumsy Living by Bob Hicok
61. Pastoralia by George Saunders
62. The Long Home by William Gay
63. Break It Down by Lydia Davis
64. Linthead Stomp by Tim Earley
65. Equipment for Living: On Poetry and Pop Music by Michael Robbins
66. Field Guide by Robert Hass
67. The World Doesn't End by Charles Simic
68. I Am Flying Into Myself by Bill Knott
69. Final Solutions by Frederick Seidel
70. Sunrise by Frederick Seidel 
71. I Am Your Slave Now Do What I Say by Anthony Madrid 
72. Twentieth Century Pleasures by Robert Hass
73. Harmonium by Wallace Stevens
74. Ooga-Booga by Frederick Seidel
75. Mapping the Interior by Stephen Graham Jones
76. Stephen King Stephen King by William Walsh
77. Provinces of Night by William Gay
78. Nightmare of Reason: A Life of Franz Kafka by Ernst Pawel
79. Get in Trouble: Stories by Kelly Link
80. Madness, Rack, and Honey by Mary Ruefle
81. Stranger Things Happen by Kelly Link
82. The Inevitable June by Bob Schofield
83. Man Bites Cloud by Bob Schofield
84. JRZDVLZ by Lee Klein
85. Caramel Floods by Fin Sorrel
86. The Cosmos Poems by Frederick Seidel
87. Nothing but the Dead and Dying by Ryan W. Bradley
88. Suspended Heart by Heather Fowler
89. The Elvis Room by Stephen Graham Jones


1. Easter Rabbit by Joseph Young
2. Best Small Fictions 2015 edited by Tara L. Masih and Robert Olen Butler
3. The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction edited by Tara L. Masih
4. Modern Manners for Your Inner Demons by Tara Laskowski
5. Hint Fiction edited by Robert Smartwood
6. Metal Gear Solid by Ashley and Anthony Burch
7. The Nimrod Flipout by Etgar Keret
8. Micro Fiction edited by Jerome Stern
9. Rashomon and other Stores by Ryünosuke Akutagawa
10. Severance by Robert Olen Butler
11. Slade House by David Mitchell
12. Hiding Man: A Biography of Donald Barthleme by Tracy Daughtery
13. If on a winter’s night a traveler by Italo Calvino
14. The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2011 guest edited by Guillermo del Toro
15. Studies in Hybrid Morphology by Matt Tompkins
16. Flash Fiction: 72 Very Short Stories edited by James Thomas
17. A Wild Swan and Other Tales by Michael Cunningham
18. Appalachian Elegy by bell hooks
19. Ficciones by Jorge Luis Borges
20. The Story of My Teeth by Valeria Luiselli
21. There Once Lived a Woman Who Tried to Kill Her Neighbor’s Baby: Scary Fairy Tales
by Ludmilla Petrushevskaya
22. Basal Ganglia by Matthew Revert
23. The Humble Assessment by Kris Saknussemm
24. Gil the Nihilist: A Sitcom by Sean Kilpatrick
25. The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolaño
26. Bolaño: A Biography in Conversations by Mónica Maristain
27. Underworld by Don DeLillo
28. The Aleph and Other Stories by Jorge Luis Borges
29. Tables Without Chairs by Brian Alan Ellis and Bud Smith
30. The Tent by Margaret Atwood
31. Vampires in the Lemon Grove by Karen Russell
32. The Quiet American by Graham Greene
33. Praying Drunk by Kyle Minor
34. A Universal History of Iniquity by Jorge Luis Borges
35. Souvenirs and Other Stories by Matt Tompkins
36. In Case We Die edited by Aaron Dietz and Bud Smith
37. The Color Master by Aimee Bender
38. Split Rail by Mark Welborn
39. Relax, You’re Going to Die by Tai Sheridan
40. Hoopty Time Machines by Christopher DeWan
41. The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell
42. Marigold by Troy James Weaver
43. The Insufferable Goucho by Roberto Bolaño
44. Light Boxes by Shane Jones
45. Best Small Fictions 2016 edited by Tara L. Masih and Stuart Dybek
46. He Stopped Loving Her Today: George Jones, Billy Sherrill, and the Pretty-Much Totally True Story of the Making of the Greatest Country Record of All Time by Jack Isenhour
47. The Girl on the Fridge by Etgar Keret
48. Jeff Bridges by Donora Hillard
49. 13 by David Tomaloff
50. Failing This by Alec Niedenthal
51. Kitty by Lindsay Hunter
52. The Map of the System of Human Knowledge by James Tadd Adcox
53. I’ll Give You Something to Cry About by Corey Mesler
54. Our Hearts Are Power Ballads by J. Bradley
55. Daniel Fights a Hurricane by Shane Jones
56. Philip K. Dick: The Last Interviews and Other Conversations
57. The Equation of Constants by b.l. pawelek
58. Autobiography of Red by Anne Carson
59. The Flame Alphabet by Ben Marcus
60. A Death in the Family by James Agee
61. Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel
62. Undermajordomo Minor by Patrick deWitt
63. Horror Film Poems by Christoph Paul
64. Portnoy’s Complaint by Philip Roth
65. My Friend Ken Harvey by Barrett Warner
66. Museum of the Weird by Amelia Gray
67. Two Hundred and One Miniature Tales by Alejandro Cordoba Sosa
68. Not Quite So Stories by David S. Atkinson 


1. Tampa by Alissa Nutting
2. Fourth of July Creek by Smith Henderson
3. The Baltimore Atrocities by John Dermot Woods
4. Crimes in Southern Indiana by Frank Bill
5. Where All Light Tends To Go by David Joy
6. Nothing Gold Can Stay by Ron Rash
7. Sinners of Sanction County by Charles Dodd White
8. Hell and Ohio by Chris Holbrook
9. The Cove by Ron Rash
10. Burning Bright by Ron Rash
11. Child of God by Cormac McCarthy
12. Straight to Hell and Astrology by Danielle Etienne
13. American Salvage by Bonnie Jo Campbell
14. Department of Speculation by Jenny Offill
15. Bull Mountain by Brian Panowich
16. Gap Greek by Robert Morgan
17. Witchita Stories by Troy James Weaver
18. Hall of Small Mammals by Thomas Pierce
19. Big World by Mary Miller
20. The National Virginity Pledge by Barry Graham
21. When You Cross That Line by Sam Slaughter
22. Fourteen Stories and None of Them Are Yours by Luke B. Goebel
23. Gutshot by Amelia Gray
24. The Marble Orchard by Alex Taylor
25. Winterswim by Ryan W. Bradley
26. Haints Stay by Colin Winnette
27. Trampoline by Robert Gipe
28. In the House Upon the Dirt Between the Lake and the Woods by Matt Bell
29. Blurb by Ravi Mangla
30. Pages from the Textbook of Alternate History by Phong Nguyen
31. Our Love Will Go the Way of the Salmon by Cameron Pierce
32. The Way the World Is by Michael Henson
33. Walk Till the Dogs Get Mean edited by Karen Salyer McElmurray and Adrian Blevins
34. Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself: A Road Trip with David Foster Wallace by David Lipsky
35. The Meadow by James Galvin
36. All the King’s Men by Robert Penn Warren
37. Swann’s Way: In Search of Lost Time, Volume 1 by Marcel Proust
38. Beloved by Toni Morrison
39. Ridgerunner by Rusty Barnes
40. Preparation for the Next Life by Atticus Lish
41. Absalom, Absalom! by William Faulkner
42. The Coast of Chicago by Stuart Dybek
43. The Absolution of Roberto Acestes Laing by Nicholas Rombes
44. Is That You, John Wayne by Scott Garson
45. The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami
46. CivilWarLand in Bad Decline by George Saunders
47. Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino
48. The Trial by Franz Kafka
49. The Stranger by Albert Camus
50. The Collected Stories by Amy Hempel
51. V by Thomas Pynchon
52. The Girl in the Flammable Skirt by Aimee Bender
53. Lucky Alan and other Stories by Jonathan Lethem
54. Suddenly, a Knock On the Door by Etgar Keret
55. Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell
56. Taipei by Tao Lin


1. Nightwork by Christina Schutt
2. Magic for Beginners by Kelly Link
3. Tenth of December by George Saunders
4. Galaga by Michael Kimball
5. The Age of Wire and String by Ben Marcus
6. Hill William by Scott McClanahan
7. Out of the Woods by Chris Offutt
8. Crystal Eaters by Shane Jones
9. Crapalachia by Scott McClanahan
10. The Outlaw Album by Daniel Woodrell
11. The Uncertainty Principle by Rob McLennan
12. The Day the Cloud Stood Still by Patrick Trotti
13. In the Season of Blood and Gold by Taylor Brown
14. Billie the Bull by xTx
15. Pathologies by William Walsh
16. Baptism and Dogs by B.L. Tucker
17. The Least of My Scars by Stephen Graham Jones
18. Above All Men by Eric Shonkwiler
19. The Fun We’ve Had by Michael Seidlinger
20. Backswing by Aaron Burch
21. Brown Dog by Jim Harrison
22. Alone with Other People by Gabby Bess
23. The Devil All the Time by Donald Ray Pollock
24. Train Dreams by Denis Johnson
25. Jesus’ Son by Denis Johnson
26. Panic, USA by Nate Slawson
27. Third Class Superhero by Charles Yu
28. A Good Man Is Hard To Find by Flannery O’ Conner
29. Jeff, One Lonely Guy by Jeff Ragsdale
30. Baby Babe by Ana Carrete
31. Tonto and the Lone Ranger Fistfight in Heaven by Sherman Alexie
32. I’m Not Saying, I’m Just Saying by Matthew Salesses
33. I Was a Fat Drunk Catholic by Jamie Iredell
34. Colony Collapse by J.A. Tyler
35. Low Down Death Right Easy by J. David Osborne
36. Excavation by Wendy C. Ortiz
37. My Friend Ken Harvey by Barrett Warner
38. Witch Piss by Sam Pink
39. The Black Dog Eats the City by Chris Kelso
40. The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt
41. Addicts and Basements by Robert Vaughan
42. The Tommy Plans by Cooper Reener
43. Bark by Lorrie Moore
44. Drinking Until Morning by Justin Grimbol
45. High as the Horse’s Bridle by Scott Cheshire
46. Dry by Augusten Burroughs
47. Palm-of-the-Hand Stories by Yasunari Kawabata 
48. St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves by Karen Russell
49. My Salinger Years by Joanna Rakoff
50. Every Love Story Is a Ghost Story by D.T. Max
51. Wolf in White Van by John Darnielle
52. Annihilation by Jeff VandeMeer
53. Lost in Space by Ben Tanzer
54. King Shit by Brian Alan Ellis
55. 33 Fragments of Sick-Sad Living by Brian Alan Ellis
56. 10:04 by Ben Lerner
57. Misadventure by Nicholas Grider

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