Selected Writing


Victory Party - X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine
My Spirit Animal Is the Tongue-Cut Sparrow - Always Crashing
Causality Dilemma - Lost Balloon
The Rain Appears and the Rain Goes Away - Deer Heart
Aversion - Unbroken Journal
The House in the Northwest Corner - Vestal Review
A Sensational Tale of Symbolic Patricide - JMWW
Stress Cardiomyopathy - Ghost Parachute
Sway – Wigleaf (and a postcard to Wigleaf)
After a Certain Point, You've Got to Name the Bird - Jellyfish Review
Seven Drums - BULL
Behavioral Husbandry – Anti-Heroin Chic
This Tyrant, This Child of Pride – Rabble Lit
The Visitors – Vending Machine Press
In the Tendaguru Beds – gobbet
Cloud to Ground – Unbroken Journal
The Wood Witch - Occulum
Drowning the Witch – Peach Mag
Pasta Heart – The Cabal
The Bonding Fire - Fixional
Oldbones -and- Persistence - Connotation Press
Four Micros in Second-Person - Wilderness House Literary Review
Drugs, Rock and Roll, and Sex or Three Things That Go Together Like Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll - PANK
Mating Ritual - decomP
Ouroboros - The Molotov Cocktail
Cards, Jacks, and Wooden Guns - Necessary Fiction
A Dragon Shall Ascend to Heaven – Change Seven Magazine
After Watching Ido Mizrahy’s Film Gored – June 9, 2015 – New World Writing
Everything After Eddie – People Holding
Poor Road Trip – Nailed Magazine
On Eating, My Family - Eunoia Review
Some Place Like Destin - Cooper Street
The Wolf and Two Rabbits – Occulum
Straw - Spelk
Pull - Bartleby Snopes
Gratch's Abstract Action - >kill author
Tomorrow - Apocrypha & Abstractions
When Ernesto Swam the Amazon - Foundling Review
Grocery Shopping – The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature
Pitch Meeting - Boston Literary Magazine
We Hungry Gods and Our Universe – Atticus Review
Your Own White Horse Tavern – WhiskeyPaper
The Same Terrible Storm - Bluestem Magazine
Lead Like Moses – Jellyfish Review
Fall Gently in the Gray Woods of Our Death - New World Writing
Snapshot '87 - Fwriction : Review
Other Ears Look Fine – Gone Lawn
Outside Eddie's Room in the World - Ramshackle Review
Hyde – The Miscreant
Warhol on Postcards - Foundling Review
Textbook - Great Jones Street
Role Models - DOGZPLOT
The Fittest - Five 2 One Magazine
Somebody Take Care of Little Walter - Monkeybicycle


Solo Flight - Free State Review
Four Poems - Dispatches Poetry War
The Pond - Right Hand Pointing
Psychedelic Death Shroud - Mannequin Haus
Ipseity - SOFTBLOW
The Bonding Fire - Fixional
You Can't Trust Water - Uut Poetry
With Feathers – Vending Machine Press
Forty Year's Mind - Fluland
Like Isis for Osiris – The Cabal
a Lectus - Fluland
Straw – Spelk 
Things to Fix with a Hammer - Fluland
Yara On the Night of Her Tenth Wedding Anniversary – Gravel
Rain in Gutters - Fluland
Apologue - RASPUTIN: A Poetry Thread
Bellwether Eye - RASPUTIN: A Poetry Thread
Bakadewin (Hunger) – Live Nude Poems
Gig Night - RASPUTIN: A Poetry Thread
Buddha Rat - Anti-Heroin Chic
Nokemon - Anti-Heroin Chic
Filicide Muse - Anti-Heroin Chic


Thanks, Breece – MadHat Lit
Myth and Truth: Shane Jones’ Crystal Eaters – American Book Review
On He Is Talking to the Fat Lady by xTx: It Will Rip Your Head Off – HTMLGIANT
Chaos Questions #6 - Meredith Alling – Enclave
Dangerous Stories – Walk Till the Dogs Get Mean: Meditations on the Forbidden
Westworld: Exploring AI Theory and Philosophy – Change Seven
The Bruise of Poetics: Alex Taylor’s The Marble Orchard – American Book Review
Review: Sky Saw by Blake Butler – Heavy Feather Review
The Holy Action – The Next Best Book Blog “On Being Indie”
The World Set Shaking: Kathy Fish and Robert Vaughan’s RIFT – Bent Country
Points to be Scored, Games to be Won: A Review of Michael Kimball’s Galaga – Small Press Book Review
The War Within Us: A Review of Robert Kloss’ The Alligators of Abraham – Heavy Feather Review

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