Thursday, February 10, 2011

Strange Meals and Memories To Share.

I watched a girl eat worms once. I wrote a story about it called "Playing" which can be found at the PUBLISHED WORKS links to the left of this post. But, here's the thing. I watched a girl do this. And not only this. She also placed a thick and snotty slug, I want to say about half a foot long, around her next. A necklace of slug, boneless and clutching.

It stuck, and stuck hard. My aunts and uncles and cousins and parent came to her aid, pulling the die-hard creature from this place where it had found warmth from a jugular vein it knew nothing about.

For weeks after this happened she had a dark mark around her neck, the mark of that slug, that hell-bent slug, its intentions tattooed around her, a mark.

But the dark trail left eventually and she moved on, began eating pennies and nickels and quarters. I never asked her to do this, only watched. I never cheered and encouraged. Only watched, aware that something was taking place that would stay with me. And here it has stayed and now been shared. For what it's worth, been shared.

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  1. i always wonder who reads my blog if anyone. i mean people CLICK on it but do they read it. in the end it doesnt matter i suppose. i do enjoy your posts. this last one made me wonder what your family thinks about your writing. cheerio. (also, can this blog be set so that i can sign comments with name/url?)


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