Monday, February 28, 2011

Blue Plumb Banshees

My story "Coming By It Honest" is up today at Blue Fifth Review. Thanks to the Blue folk for working this story into something better than it was when first they laid eyes on it.

Southern scribe Charles Dodd White has extended a most kind invitation to me to become a contributor for a new web destination called Plumb. This will be exciting, and Charles already has several talented contributors lined up. Stay tuned.

Editors and readers...go nominate stories for storySouth's 2011 Million Writers Award over at Jason Sanford's house or the banshees will forever crowd your grave.


  1. thanks shel for the nomination and, wow, what a piece in BFR... i mean, come on: "Twin sets of blue eyes shining skyward in the moonlight, the anger behind them held back with drink and some common ground, sparkling then in the softness of that blue, the color of summer, of innocence." oscar for you. BFR always tickles out the lyrical voice.

  2. Intruder's nominated, Shel. Looking forward to Plumb. Off to BFR. All best.

  3. @Marcus: It was my pleasure, sir. And an Oscar...yes, I will accept. But no speech. I get so nervous when people make Oscar speeches. I mute the television until they leave the stage. Strange. I know.

    @RR: Thanks a ton for again recognizing "Intruder". It's a story near to my heart and I'm so grateful.


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