Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Wish I Had Two Different Colored Eyes

Please do yourself a favor and order Normally Special, xTx's new book from Tiny Hardcore Press. Order this, or sit alone at the lunch table. Sorry, but that's the way it goes. When something's good you gotta be there.

Pank tells us that Hot Metal Bridge is looking for submissions. Send something, please.

Mr. Jeff Callico, founder and editor of Negative Suck has started another zine called Dark Chaos. Read more here at the Fictionaut interview. Best of luck JC!

Howie Good currently has a fine poem up at Juked.

It's February and that means Jason Jordan just walked through the door with a new issue of decomP. Always the good goods.

I've enjoyed elimae from outside the window for a long while. I looked through it again today and found this trio of flash pieces called "10,000 Dollar Pyramid" from Robert Vaughan. Favorite line: "During the course of her life Cleo screwed every single President."

Jeffrey Miller, author of WAR REMAINS and a solid chap, is happy.

Dark Sky Magazine published my story "The Shiniest Shoes in the Graveyard" today. Again with the happy.


  1. Sheldon,

    I am honored to have a mention in this blog. So nice of you to point out 10,000 Dollar Pyramid! And I like your favorite line! Rock on.

    Robert Vaughan

  2. Rock on Howie and Robert. Onward with the rocking hard.

  3. Thanks for mentioning d!

    Enjoy the story in Dark Sky.

  4. You're welcome, Jason. And many thanks for taking the time to read the Dark Sky piece. Much obliged.


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