Friday, February 4, 2011

I Don't Have a Good Title For This. Too Much Pressure.

Submissions have opened back up at A-Minor and I thought it might be cool to give some preview of some of the folks who will be appearing there over the course of the next several weeks.

At this point in February I'll have work coming up from Barry Basden, Dorothee Lang, Howie Good and Foster Trescot.

Filling out March will be Elliot Andreopoulos, Susan Tepper, Jason Lee Norman and Meg Tuite. April is booked as well, but I'll leave a little to the imagination.

Some suggestions:

• Watch the movie Winter's Bone.

• Listen to the song "Sway" by Heartless Bastards.

• Read anything and everything all the time, but read Darryl Price's poem "Against the V" up now at Fictionaut as soon as you can.

• Write. Even if it's not worth much of a damn. Write, as long as your body says to do so in the same way it demands you breathe.

Sort of wish I was in Washington, D.C., but then I remind myself that I'm only a hellbilly and I'd probably just end up slurring incoherent nothings to anyone in earshot. And if you think a East Kentucky accent is tough to follow, try tagging along after a few shots of the red stuff.

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