Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Into The Mystic or I Have The Cross Of Solomon Etched Into My Hand

I visited a mystic-type-tarot-card-palm-reading lady yesterday. I don't believe in much of anything, but it was just ten bucks and I spend that on two packs of cigarettes. I had good fun. Here are my observations:

1. I get nervous when someone is sort of guess-poking in search of general information, but, I think, only when that person is sort of under the gun to seem supernatural. So, all things considered, I should be all right. I don't run into many of these situations day to day.

2. Hypnotic music, strange items such as amulet boxes filled with ruins, and a low-key whispery whisper help when trying to seem supernatural.

3. If you answer only yes or no to questions, I know of it at least one mystic who keeps her cool pretty well.

4. If you have a couple of beers at lunch then go to have your palm read it is likely the mystic will tell you she has found "the letter 'A' on your hand," and then say, "Alcohol is prominent in your life, but you have control of it. It doesn't have control of you."

5. I have the Cross of Solomon somewhere on my right hand (have yet to locate it independent of mystical help through careful pointing) and should be opening my own shop as "the spirit world" is "strong" in me.

6. Somewhere along my travels I picked up two dark spirits and will battle kidney problems in addition to my already rampant depression. This was the Time To Get Serious part of my visit.

Okay, that's it. It was fun. My kidneys hurt. more.

7. I look like my grandfather.

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  1. Exciting Shel...we're definitely gonna try again with a better mystic, lol. Mad love for you babe.


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