Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2010 Million Writers Award.

Before morning has a chance to consume all and give us the drone of ceaseless afternoon, I would like to thank Rusty Barnes, editor of both Night Train and Fried Chicken and Coffee, for seeing worth in my short story "Bent Country" and publishing it last year in Fried Chicken and Coffee. He has again given the story a vote of confidence by recently nominating it for storySouth's 2010 Million Writers Award. The simple fact that Rusty thought of my work when considering nominations is already enough for me.

If you visit Fried Chicken and Coffee, and I hope you do, also read Sheryl Monks' short story "Justice Boys" and Jim Parks' story "Blind Lemon," both of which Rusty also nominated. Wouldn't do you a bit of harm to comb through the archives there in general. There's a lot of fine work to enjoy throughout.

Happy birthday, Ayn Rand. (That one's for you, Beck.)


  1. what mel said. I will go read this bent country that you speak of

  2. Hey, thanks a ton, Dave. Damn I'm behind on this blog. Too much going on with the real job of being a journalism whore dog.


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