Monday, February 1, 2010

12 Random Things From The Bottom Of My Cliché.

A dozen random and stupid things I remember from when I lived inside a boy named Sheldon:

1. Bar None candy bars. Gone but not forgotten. These also appeared around the same time as Cool Ranch Doritos.

2. Kentucky Nip. Ditto.

3. Atari (mostly Kaboom!) but then I never went much more into video games than this. I spent a lot of time trying to pull friends from livings rooms with basketballs and baseball bats under my arms.

4. Eating crab grass because I could. It never once made me sick at my stomach and I would eat a plate full right now, this second.

5. A little girl named Amber (also my first kiss) who told me really quick to stop crying because my Daddy didn't live with me any more because her Daddy was dead.

6. Dressing up like a coal miner on Halloween because, well, that's by god what was handy to dress up with. Thanks Pap for loaning the threads.

7. The NBA on TBS (let's go to the hoop!)

8. Teaching myself to write with my left hand because a boy in my class named Bradley wrote with his left hand and he could hit a baseball really far and I wanted to also hit a baseball really far.

9. Standing in a train tunnel while the train blasted past about four feet from my face. This sounds stupid, but it was really, really brave. Seriously. Brave.

10. Drinking my first bit of alcohol (some kind of rum, I think) on the roof of a nearby church. Age not mentioned because I was ten and that would just make my parents seem like they were not watching me at all when in truth I was just really crafty and sneaky and they just never had a chance.

11. Looking up the bride's dress at the first wedding I ever attended, to my knowledge. I have the clear memory of honestly trying to see "how tall she was." I think it was innocent, but people have different stories.

12. Peace.

There are more things, but they start getting either bad or bad or, in some cases, bad, so let's just leave it here for now.

I either love, like, or know you all from the bottom of my cliché.


  1. Kaboom was one of my favorite Atari games as was Adventure.

  2. Adventure? Hmmmm...I'll have to look that little title up. But, seriously, how addictive was Kaboom! I mean really?

  3. i would see those bombs dropping in my sleep i played it so much.


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