Sunday, June 29, 2014

Before I Get Distracted By Log Cabin Restaurants Again...Some Upcoming Reviews

Just finished a review of Rob McLennan's The Uncertainty Principle and it will appear soon at Necessary Fiction.

Here is a picture of Rob at Log Cabin Restaurant.  My local Log Cabin doesn't have a snack section with luscious Doritos, but we can't have everything we want.

Also, my Log Cabin and this Log Cabin may be two entirely different restaurant chains or one may be a part of  a chain and the other may not be part of a chain at all.  Or neither may be a part of a chain and both may just be restaurants called Log Cabin. I cannot at all be sure.

I'll also be finishing up a review of Michael Kimball's upcoming book Galaga, out July 1 from Boss Fight Books.  It will appear in The Small Press Book Review at some point.  Hint.  It is hot as hell good.

As you'd imagine, it doesn't even matter if you've ever played Galaga.  It doesn't even matter if you've never played a video game and pronounce video games like Hank Hill in King of the Hill and say "vidya games."  It just doesn't matter.  Read the review when it's out and see why

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