Thursday, May 3, 2012

New work at (Short) Fiction Collective and Other Points of Possible Interest

I'm pleased to have a set of linked micro pieces "Courtship: Five Micros" up this morning at (Short) Fiction Collective.  Thanks to Patrick Trotti and any or all involved in seeing these pieces published.  So very grateful.  Hope you enjoy, if you have time to read them today.

Also, if you haven't had the opportunity to read my review here of Rusty Barnes' Mostly Redneck, please set aside some time for that today, as well.  The post can be found directly below this one.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I'll be traveling to Lexington this week to the Wild Fig Bookstore for a book drop off and to talk with Crystal Wilkinson, a writer who spends as much time inspiring others writers as she does producing fine work of her own.  Looking forward to that visit, as I have a loose date to read at her bookstore in the near future.

As for readings, I have another set up in Louisville on May 24 that I'm excited about.  Many of my old MFA mates will be there and it's always good to catch up and share words.  As for next publications, fwriction: review's Meg Tuite spoke with me for an interview that will appear there at some point this month (May 7, I believe the date was), along with my short story "Snapshot '87", a piece first appearing in the Appalachian anthology Degrees of Elevation, edited by Charles Dodd White, and one that also is included in my upcoming collection, The Same Terrible Storm.

Also, from what I can gather from twitter feeds flying about last night, me thinks The Same Terrible Storm will be shipping soon.  Can't wait.

A few more things before I start work this morning.

Jim Robison, a true writer's writer and all around grounded guy, made available his author's website at some point this past week after run-ins with gremlins of sorts.  Have a look.

Great interview with a former teacher of mine, Kirby Gann, at Matt Bell's The Collagist.

Okay, time to work.  My second collection, Where Alligators Sleep, is calling and it's never easy to double or even triple (my fantasy goal for the book) story count in a quick but craft-worthy fashion.  Then it's onto work on the novel, Brown Bottle.  This in addition to going through nearly 300 photographs from Heather McCoy for which I plan to write a flash collection including the photos either called Cold, Hard Pieces or A Thousand Words.  I do love a full day of work.

Oh, on tap for reading: Currently - Tom Franklin's Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter; Coming up - Pinckney Benedict's Dogs of God, Adam Johnson's Emporium, and Jane Bradley's Are We Lucky Yet?

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