Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Coal Poetry

Recently gave an interview that will be appearing later this spring. I shared during the interview a previously unpublished poem I wrote in 2003 while working picking rock and charging scoop at a coal mine. I write little poetry, but I've always been fond of this one because of the memories it brings back. I don't think they'd mind if I included it here in this post. Have a look, if you'd like:

I Could Feel the Ground Move

Some people talk about

feeling the ground move.

They say, "I swear I

could feel the ground


Watch men move mountains

and see, it's not so


What's romantic about

coal-covered faces and

hats with lights

struggling after a shift

beside open truck doors

to change pants so

they can keep the seats


Maybe a lot.

Maybe it means a lot to

the wife and kids,

something real they can see,

true effort, not the idea of

some black hole where

the ground moves.

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  1. Sheldon, I am really glad you've gotten back in the "game" with such gusto. Your voice is such an "add" to the community of writers around you.


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