Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Let's Try This Again...The Same Terrible Storm Is Coming Soon

Well, here's what she's gonna look like, good people. The Same Terrible Storm, due out soon from Foxhead Books, has a fine look, I think. Thanks to designer and wizard Logan Rogers and Stephen Marlowe and the gang at Foxhead for giving me a lot of input on this design.

I tried to post about this yesterday and realized it went to a dead link. My apologies. But word got around, it seems, and for that I'm grateful. Still, I wanted to add a word or two and share this here at Bent Country.

I also want to thank K.L. Cook, Charles Dodd White and Rusty Barnes for the wonderful blurbs they provided for this book. K.L., a former teacher of mine during my MFA days in Louisville, is not only one of the finest writers working today but also just a wonderful person and friend. Charles and Rusty are two of the best Appalachian writers in the business today who have both given my work a great deal of support over the past couple of years. I couldn't be more pleased to have them read my work, let alone say such wonderful things about it.

I'll keep you folks posted on the launch. There's a tentative date that is just around the corner, but I'm gonna keep those cards close to my chest in case something comes up and that date needs to be adjusted. I truly am grateful to those who have shown interest and given support for this, my first book.


  1. Looking forward to getting a copy when it comes out, Sheldon. Where's it going to be available (Amazon) and will there be a Kindle (books get a little pricey sending them to Korea)?

    Congrats on your book, Sheldon!

  2. Thanks very much, Jeffrey. It'll be available from Amazon I know for sure. Not positive about Kindle stuff, but I'll be keeping folks posted. Thanks again for the interest, man.


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