Thursday, January 14, 2010

Here's an idea...

I'm back but only briefly today. Deadlines are pressing in, always pressing on Tuesday and Thursday.

Today, only a quick question...

I've been thinking of throwing up some interviews and maybe some fiction and other materials from other writers on this site. Does this sound good? I think it sounds good. I think it sounds like beer and pizza, a cold Snicker bar and a hot cup of coffee. I think it sounds fine as frog hair.

What thinks you?


  1. 1. Sure, why not?
    2. What's up with Wrong Tree?

  2. Wha? Beer?

    Yeah, what's the deal with the journal?

  3. Wrong Tree...ah, the stories I could tell. It's nothing major, but the printer we're working with contacted us a few days ago and said they had "unforeseen circumstances that took place over the holiday" and that availability would have to be pushed back. We've been gearing up to make some sort of mass announcement about it. Sorry as hell. But it's by god coming. Timeline: maybe two weeks. Shit, I wish there was no such thing as first-issue bugs.

    Now, here's my thought...I actually had you in mind for an interview here when I thought of this yesterday. Would you be up to that? If so, let me know and I'll put together some questions with your input.

  4. Andrew...didn't see your comment until I posted to x...sorry.

    As you'll see in my above comment, there was a setback. Something about font issues or some such thing. Our webmaster, Ralph Davis, has been working with them to get this figured out. I'm thinking two weeks or so, but I hope sooner. Who knows?

  5. so, the interview question was for me? sure. i'm down like Royal Crown.



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