Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Coolest Rejection Letter I've Ever Received

A couple weeks back I came across BULL's feature Rejection Notes. Love it. Just plain love it. I couldn't resist submitting one of my own. 

Basically the deal with Rejection Notes is you're standing in as an editor who is rejecting a famous author. Some at BULL have been Arthur Conan Doyle, Franz Kafka, and Norman Mailer. I submitted one based on Georges Perec, the dude who wrote an entire book without using the letter "e." 

This submission resulted in the most amazing rejection letter I've ever received from the editors of BULL.

Below is my original submission followed by BULL's rejection. It's classic.

Rejection Notes: Georges Perec
by Sheldon Lee Compton

F bruary 12, 1968

D ar Mr. P r c,

Thank you for giving us the chanc  to r ad your nov l La disparition. W  w r  amaz d at the l v l of constraint in your work. How in th  h ll did you manage a 300-pag  nov l this way? That said, w ’r  going to pass, though our associat   ditor insists the abs nc  of the l tt r should b  consid r d a m taphor for the “author’s own disapp arance,” consid ring it app ars four tim s in your nam  alon . The probl m is that onc  w  notic d this amazing omission, focusing on the nov l its lf b came as difficult for us as it must b  for you to focus on this l tt r.

With kind r gards,

Charl s Scribn r Jr.
Pr sid nt
Scribn r Publishing Company

And BULL's reply:

D ar Sh ldon, 

Thanks for s nding "R j ction Not s: G org s P r c" to BULL. Whil it isn’t xactly what w 'r looking for, w did appr ciat th r ading. Pl as b sur to k p us in mind with anything ls you think would suit us in th futur . 


BULL ditorial 

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