Sunday, January 10, 2016

Relax, It's a Lit Roundup 3

This week's roundup includes everything from an infant dictator to an interview with one of our most prolific literary citizens, from calling bull shit on formula writing to poetry about strong-willed grandmothers.

Blake Kimzey writes some fiction for The Boiler that has as much pose in prose as anything I've read in a long time. Read his story "The Quiet." 

One of my favorite regional writers is Misty Skaggs. Her poem "Vangeline" in Not Kidding just tore me down in the best ways. A sample: "She gave birth to a general store/on a rural route, instead." Read her poem.

Gabino Iglesias is one of those rare literary figures who does as much for the community as he does within the community. He has an inexhaustible passion for both roles. So it was great to see him interviewed at Entropy about his recent book Zero Saints. Read the interview.

At Autre Magazine Matthew Vollmer takes something topical and tighropes his way to a great story. There's so much wonderful risk-taking with the voice and tone of this one. Read his story "Fat Kid."

I hope someone has said so before me, but Bud Smith is probably one of the most natural, unassuming writers out there. There's something about his fiction and poetry that seems like a relaxed conversation with a close friend. His story "Jant" at the spectacular Monkeybicycle puts this on display perfectly. Read the story.

Could not agree more with this essay by Lincoln Michel at Electric Literature calling bull shit on formula writing. Read the essay.

Many of the stories in this issue of Microfiction Monday Magazine are good, but Len Kuntz's stands out. An excellent example of what a good story can do with just the right amount of ambiguity. Read the story.

I've been trying for years to land a story in Hobart. If I could write like Dave Housley I'd have a much better chance. Just take a look at his story "Baby Hitler and the Slow Talking Man." Read the story.

This story "Bearish" by Leesa Cross-Smith at NANO Fiction has not a single word that doesn't fit together perfectly. More than any other, this story made me want to write better this past week. Read the story.

Writing prompt queen and writer extraordinaire Meg Pokrass has a new book of prose poetry available. Cellulose Pajamas, to my mind, is a promise of magical work primed and ready to please your eyeholes. Find out more.

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