Saturday, May 24, 2014


There's a new anthology out called Appalachian Voice.

Book description: "Appalachian Voice is a thrilling and disarmingly honest collection of ten stories, featuring a linguistic mix of southern voices. Authors draw from personal experiences, rendering an amalgamation of universal themes—desire, split families, addiction, illness, war, and death—which offers an astute, thorough, and engaging view through storytellers singing with Appalachian inflection. Notable Appalachian authors include Laurie Jean Cannady, G. C. Compton, Dennis McHale, Deana Nantz, Shannon Ralph, Tom Sheehan, John Sparks, John Vanderslice, and Brian Wamsley."

Among the authors included is my uncle, G.C. Compton, three-time Plattner Award winner and three-time Kudzu Poetry Prize winner.  Please have a look and spread the word about this fine collection of work.

Pick it up here, good folks.

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