Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Same Terrible Storm Now Available for Pre-Order

My collection, The Same Terrible Storm, is now available for pre-order at Foxhead Books. Visit here, if interested in getting your hands on a copy, and thanks.

I was highly pleased to see that Steve Himmer blogged about this at Necessary Fiction, and even more pleased with the support I've received from many of my friends since this morning. It's good to see writers and others spreading the word about this little book of mine.

In addition to Foxhead's website, the book will eventually be available for purchase at Amazon and other places.


  1. Ok it's late and I'm gonna be bold. I think you should send me a copy of your book. I think you should send me a copy of your book for free. I'm broke and I know your probably broke too, but I'm broke like, I live on an Indian reservation, and we have a 60% unemployment rate on good days.I'm broke like I'm riding on a patched donut tire with no tread left. I'm broke like, I have three kids and feel gut wrenching guilt if I spend any money on something that isn't necessary for them.

    I really want to be a writer. I have had two things published. One in WordRiot and the other in Smokelong Quarterly which is pretty cool considering I am a high school drop out, but I'm not very consistent and I love your work. It blows mind apart... In a good way.

    Did I mention I'm writing this on a cell phone on my porch in the middle of the night, in the rain?
    I promise I'll read it to under privileged kids who have nothing going for them, but right hooks and mean looks. If you want I can lay it on thicker.

    So will you send me a copy of The Same Terrible Storm?

  2. Thanks for writing and your interest in the book, R.S. I don't have copies in hand, but will certainly contact my publisher and let them know you'd like one sent. If you could send a mailing address to I can then send it along. A faster way to receive the book, would be for me to simply send you a galley email copy. It's what I've done for journals asking to review the book. It's the same content, just arrives as fast as a simple email.

    Again, thanks for your interest, and best of luck with your work.

    Sheldon Lee Compton


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