Friday, April 27, 2012

Catching the Storm: Readings and the Wish List

I had the pleasure of giving a reading from The Same Terrible Storm and a couple pieces from the upcoming collection Where Alligators Sleep, as well as sections from the soon to be finished novel Brown Bottle yesterday. 

Though the room wasn’t exactly packed, the folks who attended were lively and full of cool questions and provided lively discussion.  I love when that happens.  I think when a story brings out questions in readers, not those of confusion but of interest, it means a storyteller is doing something right and the reader is thinking more deeply about the work.

It's always easier to talk about craft with a pen in  your hand

Next up will be readings at Readmore Bookstore in Presto and then Louisville before heading to Lexington to read at The Wild Fig courtesy of Crystal Wilkinson, owner and wildly talented writer in her own right.  Still grateful, as well, to have the open invite from Sara Lippman to read for her Sunday Salon series in New York, a trip I’m looking forward to a great deal. 

On a related note, I’m so pleased to be chosen as the visiting writer at the University of Pikeville for a week this coming October.  Couldn’t ask for more things to be falling in place at just the right time.  So thankful.

I usually start my work day around 5:30 a.m., but this morning I went all Amazon-wish-list crazy.  Books I’ve added when I probably should have been working on my own include titles from Tom Franklin, William Gay, Blake Butler, Brian Allen Carr, Ron Rash, Michael Kimball, Matt Bell, Pinkney Benedict, Joe Hill, Ethel Rohan, Sam Pink, Mark Richard, Scott McClanahan, Kyle Minor, Kirby Gann…the list just keeps going.

Currently re-reading Mostly Redneck by Rusty Barnes.

Currently drinking hazel nut coffee.

Currently wearing a true (not factory distressed) vintage Ghostbusters t-shirt I found for a buck at the Goodwill store.

Currently thrilled with the Braves.  CHOP! 

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