Friday, April 1, 2011

News in Brief.

I may be moving Bent Country to Wordpress soon. All things are not yet in order for that and I'm still trying to figure out some things. I want to make sure the old blog doesn't get lost in the shuffle for those who read it from time to time. But just saying. I might be looking for boxes soon. I guess, if the moves goes, I'll have a post here saying something like: "Hey, Bent Country is over HERE now" or something, and maybe the url for the new roosting place.

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  1. I moved a site from Blogger to WordPress about a month ago, and it was streamlined and simple. There's an "import from Blogger" button somewhere in the WP dashboard that will let you transfer all of the posts (including each of your reader comments) and they'll just be there, with new permalinks in whatever style you've told WP you wish to use.

    Easy peasy.

    If I remember correctly, the only functionality I lost was the identifying hyperlink info everyone left in the comments. Names, comments, and dates were all preserved.

    Other than backlinks, it's worked like a charm.


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