Monday, November 8, 2010


To those gracious souls who have been reading my posts over the last twenty days or so:

My apologies for the many times I've missed my intended target of good writing on this Wikipedia project – and those I've felt good about, then all power, I suppose.

Thank you for reading, and it will all be over soon. I'll try to do better in the coming days.

With love, respect and gratitude......

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  1. mate, i feel like apologising because i've been looking at your efforts only from afar - will try to catch up with the lot once i'm out from under my little mountain of stuff. at the moment the only thing i seem to be able to do is read/comment on a fnaut story from time to time. these little things you write, man, they're good. like all cycles, they're not even until you even them and then they're not what they were anymore. i know i did something like this (24 days) last year - i've resisted editing many of the pieces that i felt i could've improved because, well, it felt like cosmetic surgery: who needs a new nose! so keep going.


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