Monday, June 14, 2010

David E., Flawnt and a Confession.

David Erlewine left. Now Finnegan Flawnt will be stepping offstage. Both writers and individuals I hold in high regard.

David said his job lawyering had picked up and was demanding more of his time. Finn said he worried the instant gratification of flash and a fast-track publishing world where a story can be written, submitted and published in some cases within a week was keeping him from the art of the longer story, longer prose.

I appreciate both reasons, but can't fully understand either. But I can hope that David will, as all true writers do, continue to produce work. He mentioned before of a long break he took from the writing world only to reemerge and give us dozens upon dozens of wonderful stories. As for Finn, let's hope we see some of those longer stories somewhere in the future.

Now, for a confession...

For reasons I can't rightly understand myself, I decided to start an online journal called A-Minor Magazine but not connect my name to this publication. Maybe I wanted the work to stand alone, apart from any writer or editor connected to the journal. Maybe I felt playful. Maybe this. Maybe that. But, at this point, it has started to feel a bit more deceptive than I imagined it would, though I know most would understand.

So there it is. I started and am publishing and editing work at A-Minor Magazine. I've confessed this not because I feel anyone necessarily cares, but for myself. Deception, even at the most diluted level, has never been a coat that fits me well. I feel a little better already.

Now, all that being said, take a look at A-Minor at Read, submit, comment. I hope you enjoy. It's certainly been pleasant for me so far.


  1. Yes, it seems we all just met on fictionaut and now it's "Alas, I hardly knew ye" and goodbye. But I'm not going to forget these folk and I'll google them regularly to keep them in my sights. Though Finny's a clever sort who may slip through by changing identities.

    Good luck on A-Minor! I'm glad you're doing this because you have a great sense of story and writing style. I'm off to check it out now.

  2. I found David's blog the day he decided to stop - that was a real shame for me as I liked his work. Finn I will miss as an inspiration and writing friend, but it's just a hiatus, isn't it - a chrysalis for his longer form (?!) I wish them both the best of luck and great happiness.

    And you have a magazine, and Len Kuntz is on the front - awesome! I'm there, and I'm bringing friends :)

  3. This post echoes my thoughts exactly. As I just posted to FF, I must stop making friends with writers.

    I got to know Dave Erlewine and he actually was indirectly responsible for getting me to jump the cliff into short fiction. He doesn't even know that. DE sent me my Fictionaut invite, before I even knew what it was. Once I got there, I realized that was huge (on my end, anyhow.) I remember when he quit the first time, and it was good to see him come back. I'm hoping it does it again.

    I have no doubt we'll see The Artist Formerly Known As Finnegan in the stratosphere soon. He's too richly cool to not be noticed when he comes back up for air.

    Miss them both while they're gone, though, you bet I will.

    And kudos on your confession. Feel better? Curious what reaction you'll get...


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