Friday, February 9, 2018

A Morning of Random Thoughts

I'm off Facebook now. Since reading of the algorithms the company had in place during the 2016 election, I can't in good conscious continue using the media platform. It's no great loss. And moving on.

Twitter I'm sure is no different; they've only not been caught. I sound conspiratorial but that's okay. I'd rather sound one way and not live another than end up living in a way I wouldn't like the sound of.

I've been guilty of stopping use of social media before but it was always because I was fed up or bitter or any number of other, unsavory reasons. That's not what this is. I'm not quitting outright. I know that cold turkey doesn't work for me (See Also: alcohol, nicotine) but I'm drastically limiting my time until I can ween myself off. It'll work. I'll be happier and safer.

Watching Angels and Demons today. It's fun. Dan Brown has, like, a thousand people writing his books for him and whatever and I don't care anymore. I wouldn't be able to read one of the novels due to terrifically bad writing, but I surely enjoy these fast-paced, mysterious movies. Kind of like National Treasure but international. Or maybe NT came after, all biblical like.

While watching this I'm writing, trying to hammer down a story for Cowboy Jamboree's upcoming issue. I'm also anxiously awaiting word back on another solicitation from a journal called COG that has published work and interviews relating to some really big swinging writers. I'm exciting at the idea of sharing space there, but am worried the work I have on hand to submit might not be up to the level they want. Either way, it's good to be working on solicitation. It's a rare thing for me these days, and probably a good thing. I'm feeling the pressure.

Writing, writing, writing. It's all I talk about it seems. Or reading. And I know people must get tired of it. Friends, family. As I get older I'm having a harder and harder time keeping these interests more or less under my hat. Why would I need to do that? Well, it has a lot to do with where I live and more so the desire by most people to think of lighter topics. I figure I'd be in the same situation if my obsessions were physics and geometry.

Even now, well past my middle age and able to see the age of fifty not far off, I continue to write, and write with relatively no ambition. I know I'll never publish with a big house, never have an agent, struggle to sell even a handful of copies of each new book I finish after years of working, etc. These things once kept me from a good night's sleep. No longer is that the case, and I'm thankful.

I still have ambition as a writer and reader of literature, without question. I recently spent hours upon hours attending online lectures through Yale University auditing literature courses, enough of these to have, by now, obtained, at the very least, a four-year degree from the esteemed school. Why? Not to brag about it here, for sure. It's because my ambition now is to learn everything I can about the subject dearest to me.

These lectures, for those interested, are easily found on YouTube under the subscription YaleCourses. There's also other subject areas you can explore, should your curiosity and obsession compel you.

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