Saturday, April 30, 2016

Relax, It's a Lit Roundup 4

No need for a tightly written introduction. That's not what you came for at all. Here's the list:

1. Three Prose Poems by Michael Chin - @ Word Riot

2. Bri and You: Brian Oliu Says Enter Your Initials and Means It by Pat Siebel - @ Hobart

3. Katie Moore's online journal The Legendary is back with a new issue. Visit now.

4. I Am Your Damager Now (latest dream) by Jeff Vandemeer - @ His blog, The Southern Reach

5. Episode 272, Jeff Bridges: It’s Gonna Be Okay (feat. Donora Hillard) - @ Gobbledygeek

6. A Portrait of Coal Town on the Brink of Death by Jacob S. Knabb - @ Vice

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