Sunday, December 27, 2015

Relax, It's a Lit Roundup

There are so much good literature and literature-related items out there I sometimes die a little inside thinking I'll miss something. And I do, miss something. I miss a lot. And so I die a little.

But still, I do get to a lot of good stuff. Here's some amazing things I've come across lately. Seriously do yourself a favor and follow these links to reading enjoyment. It's like Willy's chocolate factory for the literary cells in your brain.

RACHEL AND BEN - Edward Mullany's "Rachel and Ben" series at Actual Pants is archived at the site. Edward is in a truly real sense fantastic.

HOW TO MEET MARC CHAGALL - One of the most original voices I had never heard of in flash fiction, Anne Elizabeth Weisgerber blew me away with this story.

CONFESSIONS OF A STORY WRITER - Bonnie Jo Campbell's piece up at the Story Prize blog. She's always intriguing.

NEW ETGAR KERET STORY - Electric Literature served up a new story from Etgar Keret recently, a man who is quickly becoming my favorite short story writer still breathing.

And, seriously, the coolest thing I've come across in the last while has to be this project from Mike Meginnis...

THE WORLD ELECTRIC - In Mike's own words: "For the duration of 2016, I will be writing a novel in this public google doc. Anyone on the Internet can edit the document at any time. Anyone can add a chapter, a paragraph, a sentence, or an editorial suggestion. Anyone includes you."

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