Friday, July 17, 2015

Picks: Fiction, Poetry, Music, Television, and Film


"The Incorruptibility of Bodies" by Sean H. Doyle

Where: WhiskeyPaper

Why: Everything leads to that last killer sentence as well as I've seen it done in years.


Crimes Against Birds by Denton Loving

Where: Main Street Rag

Why: Because, among many other reasons, there's a poem included in this collection called "A Love Poem About An Exploding Cow."


"Stay Away from the Forest Boy" by Those Poor Bastards

Where: Hellfire Hymns

Why: Jarrid Deaton reminded me of it today. Also, total raw energy.


Where: NBC, Saturdays, 10 p.m. 

Why: Mads Mikklesen can make you forget Anthony Hopkins portrayed Hannibal Lecter.


Where: Netflix

Why: James "The Amazing" Randi is one of the all-time great lovers of truth. This documentary covers his big hits, including uncovering a fraudulent, money worshipping evangelist and, of course, that wacktard Uri Geller and his bullshit spoons.

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