Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Grindstone and My Nose

Well, I have a couple of months that I'll check Revolution John like anyone else to see what's been published there day to day. Savannah Sipple is guest editing for the month of March, while Eric Boyd will be doing the same for the month of April.

This is good on two levels.

First, it gives the journal a chance to grow in different directions I might not have thought to even entertain, as both Savannah and Eric will have total editorial freedom.

Secondly, it very realistically gives me a full two months to put the finishing touches on a novel that will go immediately to a set of pretty important eyes in the literary world. I'll not say much more than that for now, but I will say I'm both nervous and excited about what might happen once the novel is finished. The whole thing, either way it goes, will be the best opportunity I've had as an author to date. To even have the chance is sort of a miracle.

For now, I realize I'm being vague, but just bear with me and send good thoughts until I know more.