Monday, October 15, 2012

Royal Flush: Five picks for October

I missed September.  I know.  Likely went unnoticed until I just admitted to it.  In any case, here's five picks for this month:


Marcus Speh writes about blogging, and does it well.

"Blogging is a writerly virtue, not a necessity. It is a journal left on a subway seat but found again, every week."


An old favorite revisited this month - Dave Clapper's "Winnie the Pooh and the Very Medicated Day" at Fictionaut. Originally published at Metazen.

"One day, when Rab­bit was tak­ing his med­ica­tions, Tig­ger bounced his car­rots to smithereens and Rab­bit had an idea. A won­der­ful, ter­ri­ble idea."

Mel Bosworth Facebook status update (of which he has adopted a minimalistic style of late) dated Oct. 9.
"there was outside today."

Jeff Kerr's story collection Hillbilly Rich.  See my review here at Bent Country.  From the back cover:
"The stories in Hillbilly Rich depict modern life in the Appalachian mountains on the Kentucky and Virginia border, a landscape beautiful and ruined simultaneously."

D.T. Max writes a book about David Foster Wallace I want to read.
"It was my first biography and I thought it would be slow because one thing I’d already kind of learned is that there’s a lot of grief still in people’s hearts and you really can’t push people when they’re feeling bad. But the thing that was surprising to me, well, there were two things really: one was the amount of letters that I was able to unearth, which was really a treat."

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  1. You know this, Sheldon, I'm sure: one of the things about blogging (writing?) is that you sort of forget what you wrote and so it's marvelous to see someone else pick up on it later. Thank you.


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