Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wikiphotomicro Revisited

Meant to start this again earlier this year and it got away from me.

Basically, for those who probably don't know, last year I chose a random article from Wikipedia and used the image provided as a prompt to write a short short story for 33 days.

That number came from the first person to respond to the original post about the project. I'd like to try that again, so the first to respond to this post with a number is the one I'll use for how long I'll have at it again.



  1. i think it would be unfair to put myself into this position once again. But if you think it's fair, then you know what number to use. ;-) Otherwise, hi. xo

  2. I actually had a suggestion given earlier for 12 days. I'm going with that one. Shew....33 was rough!


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