Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bob Marley Had A Drummer.

Been chewing a lot of gum today. Chewing gum and thinking how I should probably submit something to Thirst for Fire pretty soon. But for now it's just the chewing.

There's a story of mine and an interview with me at PANK right now so have a look, friends.

Been feeling a shade dark and a shade stormy the last couple of weeks. It happens from time to time. Not much can be done. Truth is, I don't mind it too awfully much.

I tried to knock a squirrel out of a tree today with a rock but only grazed its tail. It was hovering about twenty feet above me, fixed on the limb, making strange rabid sounds. Its fur was ratty and the sound it was making . . . rabid, I tell you. Crazy. One cannot take chances and, also, I really wanted to know if I could take its eye out from twenty feet.

Yeah, it's mean.

Happy birthday, Carlton Barrett.


  1. "After that the instruments became smoothed out carbuncles shaped like women, all curves and slick lacquer hanging off our bellies, humming and vibrating growths, added weight. "

    "We lived in the moments before the fruit was clipped, when my music might have been Morningstar’s pre-fall symphony.

    If you crush yourself into someone else for long enough there’s nothing left to waste.

    From a rat nest of carpet I lift myself beneath her and see the blur of jutting hip bones like a laser show. I wonder if she feels cold. I wonder if I moved to touch her my fingertips would become raw from sliding across the strings again and over again, searching for the notes until she smiles her toothless smile."

    Really? I sunk into this piece and wanted to stay there. I wanted to to see her laser hip bones. I wanted to lick the rimmed plates.

  2. Hellfire, that's good to hear! Glad it done that for you. I couldn't ask for more.


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