Sunday, April 2, 2017

Publication Day for My New Book. And It's Free!

It's publication day for my newest book, A True Story: A Novella!

The good news is that it's free and downloadable. Not like downloadable the way you buy and download a Kindle book at Amazon, but hey I'm poor. This version will open as a PDF in your browser and then you can download it as normal. I probably shouldn't even call it downloadable. But I am.

Get it; read it; share it; review it; pan it; praise it.

Here's an early blurb from the amazing person and author xTx -

“Held in a cryptic in-between place fraught with many Alices, new bodies that struggle to know hunger and monsters that once were men, Compton’s A True Story: A Novella boldly unfurls itself. With every sentence a poem and its vibrant imagery, Compton completely captures."   -xTx, author of Today I Am a Book

In any case, here's a link that will take you to the place at my author's website where you can get the digital of book:


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