Monday, April 3, 2017

Meredith Alling Adds New Praise for A True Story: A Novella

So here's the early praise so far for my new book A True Story: A Novella:

“Held in a cryptic in-between place fraught with many Alices, new bodies that struggle to know hunger and monsters that once were men, Compton’s A True Story: A Novella boldly unfurls itself.  With every sentence a poem and its vibrant imagery, Compton completely captures."

- xTx, author of Today I Am a Book 

"Wild as a charging boar and tender as a raindrop, Sheldon Lee Compton's A True Story: A Novella is a surreal sleepwalk through a world in which love is a storm and death is a question. It will wake you with a jolt." 

- Meredith Alling, author of Sing the Song 

Once again, you can get this book for free by going here and opening the link in your browser to download. 

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